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Greenhouse Plastic Installation

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Greenhouse Plastic Installation

We Can install a single or double layer. We Have a Large Crew of 10 Men if Needed. We Can provide you with the plastic sheets. We Can install and provide you with a inflator. We Can install and provide you with the Channel Lock and Wiggle Wire to help fascine the plastic onto the structing. We can in..

Your Friendly Neighborhood Holland Gaas Greenhouse Insect Bug Netting Expert

Since 2015, Holland Gaas and with the help Greenhouse Depot Inc. has been serving the local greenhouse growers with a full service installed insect bug netting screen solution for glass or poly greenhouse windows. The system allows the fresh outside air in through the screens mesh and keeps the bugs out protecting your..

Greenhouse Insect Bug Netting Installer

Installation Holland Gaas Engineers of Holland Gaas have the possibility to install the insect netting system in the roof system of the greenhouse or polyhouse. Installing will be done by experienced and VCA certified mechanics. Motivated, professional technicians take care that the netting will perfectly fit into t..


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